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Summer closure 2023


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New ownership

Starting from May 27th, 2022 , following a Company internal change, our activities will continue with the new born Madis di Fin Mattia . Legal and operative location, phone numbers, e-mail addressed and above all the DNA that always identified Madis will remain unvaried. A huge Thank you goes to our Customers, Suppliers and Partners for [...]

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Following "CORONAVIRUS COVID-19" emergency situation we have to shut down our activities until April 13th included. For any request you can reach us by e-mail Hoping to get back to normal as soon as possible, we wish you all the best  

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Our Line card gets wider with Gigavac

Starting from June 1st, 2017 Madis began its partnership with Gigavac GIGAVAC  as a local authorized distributor. In order to assure the usual customized service to our customers, we will count on the support of Sig. Luigi Gravino, F.A.E. GIGAVAC […]

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Panasonic’s new 16A DW-HL relay

Panasonic nuovo relè DW-HL da 16A The brand new DW-HL able to guarantee 25.000 commutations with peak current equal to 117A 240V AC according to rating TV-8 and a nominal commutation capacitance of 16A/277V AC. This relay strenghtens Panasonic's Building Automation field. Ideally suited for smart switches and smart sockets, DW-HL is perfect for commutation in bus KNX systems, a LED/Alogena lightning systems, [...]

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